How Innovation Coworking and DIF will help

This year the Victorian Government's Digital Innovation Festival has partnered with Innovation Melbourne (and the soon to be launched book; Innovation Coworking) to put a spotlight on the coworking industry across regional Victoria.

Married to the regions Taylor Tran is keen to support our great regions in driving an emerging regional coworking movement.

DIF through Taylor Tran and the Innovation Coworking book with engage with the regions and... 

  • Provide special offers and take regional spaces owners to the Global Coworking Unconference Conference in Melbourne (25th August 2017).
  • Include regional space stories in the Innovation Coworking book - inclusion cut off date is 10th August 2017.
  • Support a number of events in the regions to generate PR and business opportunities.
  • Help produce a larger ‘hackathon’ event at your space and help secure government and corporate sponsorship based on the highly successful model.
  • Invite you regional space owners to global network of coworking leaders on ‘business development’ webinars.
  • Find and bring awesome speakers to regional coworking spaces.
  • Invite regional coworking space owners on to the exclusive platform and have instant access to top coworking leaders around the country.

This is all in a effort to put digital innovation and regional coworking into the spotlight.

Taylor Tran