Prepare for an event

Once open, events can be the lifeblood of a coworking space - whether they be the Opening Event, Friday Drinks, Topical Meetups, Professional Services Education, Annual Parties, Partnership Events, New Membership Tours or Induction Events.

Life is an event it itself and such activities create opportunity and vigour for a coworking space. Late winter in Victoria is time for the Small Business Festival and Digital Innovation Festival.

The first step to creating an event is to think about the audience that you want to attract and what would add value to that audience.

In the context of the Digital Innovation Festival, have a think about how Digital will bring opportunities to your region and space. Digital topics you could consider include can be about:

  • How to better leverage or improve your current broadband connectivity to create new opportunities in your region? check
  • Can digital play a role in improving social outcomes in your region?
  • How can digital play a role in the creative sector?
  • How Big Data, IoT, Blockchain and AI will revolutionised the next 10 years?
  • Can a self driving car make it all to the way to your region without a driver? And if so, what does it mean for your region?
  • Can you trust a robot on your farm?
  • What technology is required to bring Elon Musk's Hyperloop to your region? Otherwise, are you on the map for a fast train? Or new airport? (and how can digital mapping help?).
  • How can traffic optimisation in the cities bring opportunities to the regions?
  • How to use technology, including social media, to improve tourism in your region?
  • How will the digital economy bring greatness back to regional areas?
  • How digital innovation will help realise Australia's potential as the premium food bowl of the world?
  • What are some of the greatest AgTech (including AgBioTech) you've never heard of that have taken the world by storm?
  • And so forth...

Once you've figured out a topic that would add value (or have an interested audience). Pick a date between 23rd August and 6th September 2017 and have word with Innovation Coworking to make it happen. Start thinking....1) Audience 2) Topic 3) Date - Done!  

Taylor Tran